Anna Grace Agro Named to 2023 WCLA Second Team All American

Anna Grace “G” Agro, #2, has been named to the 2023 WCLA All American Second Team. Agro is a grad student, who joined the club in the fall of 2018. Injuries limited her playing time to just 15 games in her first four seasons. This year, injury free Anna Grace has shown herself to be a leading player on MSU’s offense. 

Anna Grace finished the season second in assists and total points in the nation and was named to the Midwest Women’s Lacrosse League’s (MWLL) first team in all league post season awards.

“G is a quiet leader, her calming influence felt by all on the team,” Head Coach Brent Hiner said. “Very unassuming, she is loved by her teammates and the coaching staff for her unselfish play and her ability to control the pace of a game.” 

The full list of First and Second Teams, as well Division Awards, are listed below. 


A — Katie Duttenhofer, Boston College Club
A — Meghan Chase, Boston College Club
A — Ryanne King, Georgia
A — Lexi Ashby, Florida Club
A — Sienna Duffill, Arizona State Club
M — Grace Arthur, Boston College Club
​M — Brooke Lewis, UCLA
​M — Julia Szynal, Boston College Club
​M — Taylor Wedlock, San Diego State Club
​M — Miranda Jacobson, Michigan Club
​M — Briana Gardener, Arizona State Club
​M — Samantha Hawthorne, Texas
D — Olivia Hoekman, Georgia
D — Aliyah Cohen, UCLA
D — Mary McWright, Boston College Club
​D — Grace McCabe, Colorado Club
D — Blaine Aberra, Arizona State Club
G — Delaney Ott, Georgia
G — Alexis Bernazzani, Texas


A — Savannah Sabol, Georgia
A — Kayleigh Page, Georgia
A — Claire Gallagher, Michigan Club
A — Anna Grace Agro, Michigan State
A — Addie Carlson, BYU
M — Ava Score, Colorado Club
M — Katelyn Sparks, Georgia
​M — Mallorie Van Woerkom, BYU
​M — Payton King, San Diego State Club
​M — Avery Matthews, Colorado Club
​M — Kelsey Pinta, Arizona State Club
​M — Christina Halversen, BYU
D — Taryn Gleash, Arizona State Club
​D — Emma White, Colorado Club
​D — Sarah Allen, Michigan Club
​D — Casey Roszko, Clemson Club
​D — Catherine Nidds, Boston College Club
G — Sophia Villalonga, Florida State
G — Elena McKlosky, Colorado Club


Amtahcha/Player of the Year — Katie Duttenhofer, Boston College Club
Attacker of the Year — Katie Duttenhofer, Boston College Club
Midfielder of the Year — Grace Arthur, Boston College Club
Defender of the Year — Blaine Aberra, Arizona State Club
Goalie of the Year — Delaney Ott, Georgia
Rookie of the Year — Kayleigh Page, Georgia
Coach of the Year — Maurice Gibson, Central Florida
For the Love of the Game — Katherine Silbermann, Virginia Club
Jenn Eames Award — Clemson University

Photo credit: Stopping Action

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